Inspiration comes from everywhere. Sometimes, you don’t realize you want change until you find something better.

This is what exactly happened to my client. After visiting a few model homes they discovered how uncomfortable they feel in their current home. They wanted to make some changes in their home by upgrading their lifestyle and maximizing their space to make it more comfortable for daily living and entertaining guests.

After reviewing their home layout, we started updating their home so it can be more open to entertaining family and friends.

We remodeled the whole kitchen giving it a bright and airy feel, while the selected furniture and decor upgraded the home to give off an elegant vibe.

The remodel now includes an open layout providing the perfect setting for comfortable living and daily entertainment. Their home is now ready to host bigger groups but als provides a perfect intimate venue for when they want their home to themselves.

If you’ve been looking at magazines or other homes for inspiration, then book a Hopes and Dreams Planning Session with me. Let’s work together so you can fall in love with your home once again.