Bathrooms are personal, private, and significant places in your home. This is the place you go when you want to refresh and re-energize yourself for the day or after a long day. It’s that little luxury we all want in our home.

I recently worked with a client who wanted to remodel their bathroom. They had a lot of ambitious plans on how they want their bathroom to look like but they didn’t know how to execute it properly and cohesively. They needed someone to put their vision into reality and that’s where I came in.

The result is an absolutely stunning bathroom that feels like you’re in a luxury spa rather than a bathroom at home. Their bathroom has a huge shower area, a gigantic tub, and a sauna: everything you need to get rid of the day’s stress is here.

Their bathroom also comes with huge sinks made with a wood finish for an elegant feel. The spacious sink can help my clients do what they need to do at the same time without fighting for space.

Every little detail in their bathroom is thoughtfully selected so the luxurious cohesive design is maintained in every area.

My clients were thrilled when they saw the final result! Now, they look forward to their alone time and reconnecting every night while taking care of both their physical and mental health. Best of all, nothing compares to the pleasure of walking into a beautiful and luxurious bathroom you can call yours.

If you want a spa-like experience in your home too, then book a Hopes and Dreams Planning Session with me!